Entrepreneurship in and outside Science

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Course description

Entrepreneurship is a key element to drive innovation. Next to demonstrating scientific excellence, young academics with an entrepreneurial attitude can often contribute directly to more societal relevance and economic impact based on their research. In this way it can be seen as an addition to your personal career development in academia. But also for those who do not want to stay in academia, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills can support in acquiring new positions or even setting up one’s own business.

This workshop series of an assessment, 5 workshops and an additional personal feedback session to continue the proposition development after the course. The personal development plan, built on the assessment,  focusses on whether participants have entrepreneurial skills, if they can be developed and whether the participant has the entrepreneurial drive.
The workshop series consists of 6 sessions in total which provide the knowledge and tools to identify a promising idea and develop this idea into a valid proposition where we also use your own research as building material for creating opportunities: from idea to project, patent or proposition. The overall aim is to inspire, develop and act!

WGS is presenting the workshop series in cooperation with StartLife Get Started! Programme.

Part of the course is a personality and competence assessment by Meijer en Meijaard. This assessment is included in the course fee. If you recently participated in this assessment (either as Career Assessment (organised by WGS) or as part of the course Career Perspectives (organised by WGS), you will get a reduced fee.

General Information

Target Group: PhD candidates and Postdocs who are curious in what a career in entrepreneurship and business has to offer
Group size: Max. 24 participants
Course duration: assessment (online), 5 afternoon/evening sessions and a feedback session after the course
Language: English
Credit points: 1.1 ECTS
Self-study hours: maximum 8
Name lecturer: Gitte Schober (StartLife Center of Entrepreneurship / Wageningen UR)
Venue: StartHub, building 119 Wageningen Campus


1. Awareness – which skills and competences are needed (online entrepreneurship assessment)

Online assessment on entrepreneurship personality analysis and entrepreneurial competence assessment. It consists of different questionnaires that measure skills, competences, strengths and weaknesses, career values and team roles. A career coach will give personal advice, based on the results of these tests. The career assessment also provides the opportunity to start working on a (career) action plan.


Organizer: Jessica Tummer Meijer &Meijaard

September 2017




Working on your own profile towards a personal plan
Formulate feedback plan for the competence assessment

Formulate team need analysis for idea develpoment


2. Ideation

The first step of starting your own business is shaping an idea that inspires you. Besides creativity and an open vision, one needs to recognise boundaries and think of feasibility of the idea explored. In this workshop you will get real-life experience and guidance on how to effectively select the ideas that are worth your energy. In the second part of the workshop the participants will test their ideas with rapid prototyping and developing several scenarios with the business model canvas.

Organiser: Jessica Tummer Meijer &Meijaard , Bart Doorneweert Toolmonk, Thomas van den Boezem StartLife
September 20,  17.30 / 19.30 and 20.00 / 21.30 (with dinner)
StartHub, Triton (building 119), Wageningen Campus


Set-up idea generation / business model canvas: Ideas for building a product or service and first round of testing / building scenario’s
Creating a team based on your own expertise and skills


3. Customer Development

After you come up with an interesting idea, it is time to verify if people are willing to pay for your product/service. As it is very easy to get wrong answers and impressions during this stage, we will provide you with tools and skills needed to obtain accurate feedback on your idea. In addition, you will receive and give feedback on your competence assessment and work on an effective team.

Organiser: Gitte Schober, Thomas van den Boezem StartLife

September 27,  17.30 / 19.30
StartHub, Triton (building 119), Wageningen Campus


Basics of innovation processes and customers in science, industry and startup
Using customer and end-user insights: Mom test on your own idea
Action plan idea development for identified customer / partner

4. Value Proposition Canvas

By acknowledging what makes your idea a relevant addition to your customer’s life, you are now prepared to proceed with the design of a viable product/service. The Value Proposition Canvas is a convenient method that can help you with this task. The three potential partners for your idea development – project funding, patent / IP partnerships or developing a startup will be analysed in their needs and requirements, helping you shape your idea.

Organiser: Gitte Schober, StartLife Bart Doorneweert, Toolmonk

October 4,  17.30 / 19.30
StartHub, Triton (building 119), Wageningen Campus


Develop your proposition using the Business Model Canvas
Business models and tools for start-up and valorisation, financing your idea – business models and revenue models
Working towards proposition development as a team and with key partners

5. Business Model Canvas integration 

In the last workshop of the program you will learn how to effectively work with the BMC. This model integrates all the different components of your idea in one glance. The “three-layer” BMC also facilitates an overview of the financial, social and environmental impacts associated with your idea.
6 selected ideas will be presented towards a panel of experts and all ideas / BMC’s will receive experts feedback from StartLife experts

Organiser: Jessica Tummers, Meijer & Meijaard, Gitte Schober, Thomas van den Boezem, StartLife

October 11,  17.30 / 19.30 and 20.30 / 21.30 (dinner included)
StartHub, Triton (building 119), Wageningen Campus


Detailed business model canvas and proposition towards a target customer / end-user
Action plan for the next 6 months for the proposition and the team: next steps

6. Personal feedback session

Each team will be offered a personal coaching session with StartLife experts and will be offered a mentor for a maximum of three months to develop their idea or personal development as an entrepreneur

Organizer: Jessica Tummer Meijer &Meijaard, Gitte Schober Startlife

October – December 2017

On demand, Wednesdays 15-17 hrs


Working on your own profile towards a personal career development plan
Working on your business plan towards a roadmap for finance and validation



1) Reduced fee including assessment: PhD candidates of Wageningen University with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and postdocs of Wageningen University that are registered at one of the graduate schools of Wageningen (EPS, PE&RC, VLAG, WASS, WIAS, WIMEK) € 275
2) Full fee: All other PhD candidates / post-docs and staff of Wageningen University € 550
3) Extended fee: All other participants not applicable

Fee includes study and training material, coffee/tea and two dinners and an assessment.

Cancellation condition:

Until six weeks before the start of the course, you can cancel free of charge. After this date you will be charged with the “Full Fee”. 

Exemption of payment:

  • When you already started the assessment, you can finish the assessment as a stand alone career assessment.

  • For PhD’s and post-docs of Wageningen University: when you have a valid reason (circumstances beyond your control) to cancel, you will be charged the reduced fee. In this case a written statement of the supervisor/superior is required.

Note: When you do not have a valid reason to cancel or do not show up at courses that are free of charge you will be charged with €100.


For more information please contact yvonne.smolders@wur.nl