Debate training and practice tournament

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Course description

Debate training and practice tournament

Course description

The world is full of inspiring people with fabulous ideas to make a change, with the ambition to leave this place a bit better than we found it. The opinions we have about that are in and of itself not important, but that we share them is. Whether it is to inform, convince of test an idea – the spoken word remains a powerful tool. In the end we believe that everyone who has an argument to make, should be able to make one. Debating has many faces. For some it is seen as a competition, for other is it a means of communicating in the political arena and it is a perfect means to an end. Whether it is a job interview, a pitch for possible investors or a discussion over the birthday cake – the skills of debating come back in everyday life. Even in a fast changing world with a big role for digital communications, the ability to speak with confidence and reason through well-founded arguments is a crucial skill.


Starting the day we offer a training to those who haven't attended one before. Additional we have the possibility for those with some knowledge to extend that. The format of a debate is being used to teach skills like persuasiveness, listening, argumentation and rebuttal. The tournament offers the participants to grow quickly with plenty of personal feedback by training and judges and enough opportunity to work on that in practice. In this combination of training and tournament, each participant will debate at least five times and receive personal feedback after each debate. With the many opportunities for debating, and a relative short introduction we can realize a steep learning curve. The different juries the participants will receive feedback from, guarantee a broad scope of growth possibilities.

Learning outcomes

Analysing, argumentation and debating. The effective use of examples, rhetoric and the short and powerful formulations needed. Additionally there is focus on critical listening and persuasion. Also attention is given to presentation, quick and appropriate responses, strategies and rebuttal of arguments.

Language: English

General Information

Target Group: PhD's
Group size: 15
Course duration: 1 day
Language: English
Credit points: 0,3 ECTS
Self-study hours:  
Name lecturer: Lara Minnaard
Venue: t.b.d.


08.30 : Debat training in 3 rooms

11.30 :  Lunch and preparation time

12.30 : First round tournament in 5 rooms with 5 judges

13.30 : Second round tournament and feedback

14.30 : Third round tournament and feedback

15.30 : Fourth round tournament and feedback

17.00 : Finals

18.00 : Award ceremony and closing drinks



Reduced fee:
• PhD candidates of Wageningen University with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) who are registered at one of the WU graduate schools (EPS, PE&RC, VLAG, WASS, WIAS, WIMEK)
• Postdocs of Wageningen University who are registered at one of the WU graduate schools
€ 30
University fee: All other PhD candidates / Wageningen University postdocs and staff € 60
External fee: All other participants € 120

Fee includes study and training material, coffee/tea and lunches.

Cancellation condition

You may cancel free of charge up to 1 month before the start of the course. After this date you will be charged the University fee. Unless:

  • You can find someone to replace you in the course and supply the course coordinator with the name and contact information of your replacement.
    In this case you will only be charged a € 50,- cancellation fee.
  • You (PhDs and postdocs of Wageningen University) have a valid reason to cancel (illness or death in the family 1st or 2nd degree).
    In this case you will be charged the reduced fee and your supervisor/PI must send a mail indicating the reason for cancellation.


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