Last Stretch of the PhD Programme

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
This course is -possibly- in combination with (seperate) course: Writing propositions for your PhD
13:15 14:15 Forum - C0759 Linda Overeem 13 / 40 Apply
This course is -possibly- in combination with (seperate) course: Writing propositions for your PhD
13:15 14:15 Forum - C0759 Linda Overeem 8 / 40 Apply

Course description

When a PhD candidate reaches the final phase of the PhD Programme and the thesis is just about ready to be submitted to the supervisors for approval, a number of procedures need to be followed. Although these are described in the Conferral Regulations, it appears that there are quite some questions which remain.

This afternoon addresses issues and questions which arise in the last track of the PhD programme such as:

  • What must I do first?
  • Who is responsible / who must take action? (supervisor and/or PhD?)
  • Where can I print my thesis and who pays?
  • Etc.

General Information

Target Group: PhD candidates who will defend their thesis at Wageningen University and are in the final year of their PhD.
Group size: Max. 40 participants
Course duration: 13:15-14:15 hrs
Language: English
Credit points: 0 ECTS
Self-study hours 0
Name lecturers: Claudius van de Vijver (PE&RC) and Peter Vermeulen (WIMEK) and Niels Anten (Member Academic Board / Chair Crop Systems analysis)
Venue: Forum - C0759


13:15-13:30 Registration
13:30-14:15 Final steps: Time line, thesis and printing (Claudius van de Vijver and Peter Vermeulen)

Aspects to consider:

  • The thesis itself (content, requirements, cover)
  • The Doctoral degree regulations
  • The Training and Education Certificate

The printing of the thesis:

  • Lay-out
  • Printers
  • Financial support
14:15-16:15 Workshop on propositions. To participate please see the following site. Note that you must register seperately for this workshop

Rules from the Conferral Regulations regarding Propositions

The Dean of Science has to approve the propositions of PhD candidates and is increasingly confronted with propositions that do not meet the requirements. We want to point out that it is the responsibility of the doctoral supervisor to take care that the propositions meet the set requirements as described in the Doctorate Conferral Regulations. The requirements are repeated below:

  • The evaluation of the propositions takes place by reviewing them according to the requirements in Articles 12.3, 14.1 and 14.3, and according to general principles of morality and decency. (Article 9.4)

  • At least six, and no more than eight, propositions are added to the thesis. Two of the propositions concern the topic of the thesis or the technological design, two to four propositions concern a different scientific field and two propositions concern a socially relevant topic. Propositions are concisely worded positions taken by the PhD candidate that are formulated in such a way that they can be debated at a scientific level and consist of one sentence. (Article 12.3)

  • The thesis is written in either Dutch or English. (Article 14.1)

  • The propositions are formulated in the same language as that in which the thesis is written. (Article 14.3)


The workshop is free of charge, but note the cancellation conditions below.

Cancellation conditions:

Until four weeks before the start of the course, you can cancel free of charge. If you cancel after this date:
• When you do not have a valid reason or do not show up you will be charged with €50.
• When you have a valid reason (circumstances beyond your control), you will not be charged. In this case a written statement of the supervisor/superior is required.


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