Research Data Management

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Coordinator registrations  
26 October 2017
Part 1
09:00 12:00 Jos Smelik 18 / 8 Apply
2 November 2017
Part 2
09:00 12:00 Jos Smelik 18 / 5 Apply
9 November 2017
Part 3
09:00 12:00 Jos Smelik 18 / 5 Apply

Course description

This course is offered by Wageningen Graduate Schools and organised by WUR Library. It consists of lectures and practical assignments that cover various aspects of managing research data: from organising your data files during data collection to publishing your final dataset.

The course is divided into three parts. Part 1 focuses on how to set up your data collection system and how to keep it organised and ensure it is understandable. Part 2 deals with the institutional framework of Wageningen University & Research, covering the data management requirements, support and services available. Part 3 goes into the long-term storage and the publication of research data.

You can follow the part(s) that suit your needs and interests. To prepare yourself fully for your research data collection and management, we advise you to follow all three parts in the starting phase of your research.

General Information

Target Group: PhD's and postdocs
Group size: 18 participants
Course duration: 3 hours each part, 9 hours in total
Language: English
Credit points: 0.15 ECTS each part, 0.45 ECTS in total
Self-study hours 1 hour each part, 3 hours in total
Name lecturer: Hilde van Zeeland (course leader) and Shauna Ni Fhlaithearta

Part 1: Forum, room C0430

Part 2: TBD

Part 3: TBD


Part 1: Setting up your data collection system. At the end of part 1 you will:

  • be able to define research data and research data management;
  • understand how to systematically organise folders and (versions of) files;
  • know how to keep research notes to make a dataset understandable;
  • be aware of issues concerning privacy when working with people.

Part 2: Data management framework and data storage at WUR. At the end of part 2 you will:

  • be familiar with the data management requirements and services at WUR;
  • know what a data management plan is and how to start developing one;
  • be familiar with the data storage solutions at WUR;
  • understand the (dis)advantages of different storage options.

Part 3: Sharing data when the research is done. At the end of part 3 you will:

  • understand the importance of making research data available to others;
  • know where and how to look for suitable repositories for your data;
  • know how to prepare a dataset for submission to a repository;
  • be familiar with different open data licenses and their implications.


1. Reduced fee: PhD candidates of Wageningen University with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and postdocs of Wageningen University that are registered at one of the graduate schools of Wageningen (EPS, PE&RC, VLAG, WASS, WIAS, WIMEK) € 40,- each part
2. Full fee: All other PhD candidates / post-docs and staff of Wageningen University € 80,- each part
3. Extended fee: All other participants € 160,- each part

Fee includes study and training material and coffee/tea.

Cancellation condition:

Until four weeks before the start of the course, you can cancel free of charge. After this date you will be charged with the “Full Fee”. 

Exemption of payment:

  • When there is a replacement (who you can propose, in this case please inform the course coordinator) you will only be charged with €50.

  • For PhD’s and post-docs of Wageningen University: when you have a valid reason (circumstances beyond your control) to cancel, you will be charged the reduced fee. In this case a written statement of the supervisor/superior is required.

Note: When you do not have a valid reason to cancel or do not show up at courses that are free of charge you will be charged with €100.


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